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Event and Performance Venue Management


Use Case

Email Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, Automation, Chatbot



Looking for an event space for a special or annual occasion? Look no further, because Boathouse has collections of private event venues that can cater to any occasions ranging from wedding, corporate events, annual dinner, product launches to car launches. Founded in December 2021, Boathouse has hosted countless events.

Since subscribing to Strive, Boathouse was able to:

  • 100% leads engaged instantly in customer engagement

  • Automated process for qualifying leads that improved sales efficiency


Boathouse receives numerous inquiries on a regular basis and due to the large number of enquiries, their salesperson couldn’t handle it all. With this challenge, Boathouse avoided further marketing to prevent their salesperson from being overwhelmed with inquiries. This results in the restriction of the company’s growth. Boathouse requires both Email and WhatsApp for customer communication, but finding a single provider offering both platforms is challenging. Many providers typically specialise in just one platform, and subscribing to two separate providers for each platform can be costly. An all-in-one solution would be more cost-effective.


Boathouse sought for a centralised platform to manage lead inquiries and found Strive, a software that could seamlessly simplify customer interactions. Boathouse was able to leverage Strive’s WhatsApp Chatbot to automate replies instantly and at the same time qualify the leads by asking pre-determined questions to gauge the interest of the prospect before delegating the leads to the salesperson.


With Strive’s one-time setup of chatbots and automation, Boathouse ensures no lead is left waiting this enhances the experience for the clients.
Furthermore, their success extends beyond this as they have achieved a significant increase in conversion rates, allowing them to market their service further.

“Previously leads were not fully answered or missed out but now, all leads are answered”

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