Black Swan Solutions improved show up rate by 25% with automated confirmation and reminders


Digital Marketing Use Case

WhatsApp Marketing, Automation, Integration


Black Swan Solutions by Estoz Marketing Solutions is a lead generation, performance and sales driven digital marketing firm.
Founded back in 2021, Black Swan has successfully helped their clients achieved 3X or more ROAS through Facebook marketing.

Since subscribing to Strive, Black Swan Solutions was able to:

  • Show up rate improved by 25% for preview sessions

  • Automated tedious and confirmation and reminder processes


As a lead generation digital marketer, it is crucial for them to be able to effectively and instantly communicate with large set of leads and clients to boost conversion for their clients.
There were plenty of black-box WhatsApp blaster in the market but when dealing with large set of data, it has huge risk of getting the number banned.
Thus a stable and reliable messaging tool is crucial to generate a consistent results for their clients.


Black Swan Solutions has leveraged on Strive’s WhatsApp API module to enable them to do instant blast to large set of leads and clients to be able to communicate effectively and at the same time sends out reminder to improve the show up rate for previews. With the automation feature, they were able to schedule all the messaging flows ahead of time so they can focus on more important efforts. Strive is also integrated with Pabbly and Zapier which allows them to integrate with other platforms that they have that streamlined the entire marketing process from lead generation to confirmation to reminder and more.


Black Swan Solutions was able to improve the show up rate of the attendees by 25% due to the automated confirmation WhatsApp messages and also reminders leading up to the event. Not only that, thanks to the automation, it has saved them plenty of time because now they only need to setup the automation once to execute the confirmation and reminders effort.

“Since started using Strive, it has saved me plenty of time due to the automations and definitely has streamlined my day to day operations”

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