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Timing & You passionately educates its members on cycle analysis, fundamental analysis, and trading analysis. Founded by Derrick Tan in 2015, Timing & You’s mission is to empower members with the knowledge to identify mega trends and develop successful investment strategies. Members will get to explore market insights, including economic conditions with Timing & You to refine their investment approach and discover the world of investing.

Since subscribing to Strive, Timing & You was able to:

  • Increase email open rate by 33%

  • Automatically send emails to leads based on engagement pattern
  • Send email reminder on time automatically and effortlessly


As Timing & You consistently hosts engaging events, keeping everyone in the loop about event dates and schedules is crucial. After carefully evaluating various email marketing solutions in the market, Timing & You discovered that the set up and costing via these platforms were quite steep.


Timing & You set-up several automation within Strive which allows the communication between the company and clients/leads to be performed resulting in increased efficiency and reduced time spent on manual input.
For each event organised, a series of email messages would be sent to the members.
Some of the features that were highly utilised were Email broadcast , Event and Automation.


Timing & You was able to automate their email blasts and event reminders via Strive. This saved them a significant amount of time, and it led to a 33% increase in email open rates.

The Timing & You team, was very satisfied with Strive because we have helped them to save time, increase email open rates, and streamline their marketing and communication efforts while providing a delightful experience to the clients as they are happy and grateful of the timely email reminders as it provided a very clear and effective communication to them

“I really enjoy using Strive’s automation because I will just need to create one automation then the rest of the steps will be settled for me. Now, I do not need to worry about adding the leads and schedule the email to blast out”

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