5 Sales Tips (I Wished Someone Taught Me 10 Years Ago)

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I would like to share the 5 sales tips I wished someone taught me 10 years ago:

1) People Buy People First

If people like you, they are more willing to buy from you. In fact, they are willing to reject other offers which are better, just because they like you and your personality.

2) Perceived Value Is More Important Than Actual Price

Everything and anything can be expensive and cheap for different people.

For people who are not a big fan of football, try selling them a jersey signed by Ronaldo and that holds no value to them.

Try selling it to a Manchester United fan, they will be willing to pay $10,000 for the same shirt.

3) Always Be Connecting

When I started sales, my sales manager taught me A.B.C – Always be closing

As I continued my sales journey, I realised that the key is A.B.C – Always be connecting

4) Treat Sales Like Dating

If you know that she won’t marry you on the first date, then why are you pitching for marriage on the first message?

When you start to treat sales like dating, you’ll realized that the sales process is the same everywhere.

5) Most People Will Reject You

Yes! Rejection is only natural. Mostly because not everyone will fit the criteria to work with you. This is why successful salespeople are the highest paid guys in town. They are paid to face rejections.

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Have a great week scaling and selling!

Jonathan Quek

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