Want To Boost Your Productivity By 35%?

How are you managing your workspace?  According to research by the University of Exeter, office workers’ productivity is boosted by 35% if they were...
Jonathan Quek
45 sec read

Do You Feel Like You Always NEED-RESULTS-NOW?

In sales, we have a hard-charging, need-results-now culture.  We are always compelled to take immediate action instead of sitting quietly and doing nothing.  We...
Jonathan Quek
33 sec read

Do Your Salespeople Practice With Their Colleagues Or Do They Practice On Your Client?

The biggest problem with most companies is that they do not schedule time for their salespeople to practice.  The inconvenient truth is… Your salespeople...
Jonathan Quek
1 min read

Does Sleep Affect Sales?

In research done, it’s reported that most entrepreneurs, business leaders, and salespeople average 6.8 hours of sleep every night – a full hour less...
Jonathan Quek
28 sec read

How To Have The Most PRODUCTIVE Week Of Your Life?

Studies have shown that top performers always start their week on Sunday night. It’s during this time when they ask 3 very important questions:...
Jonathan Quek
39 sec read