Want To Boost Your Productivity By 35%?

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How are you managing your workspace? 

According to research by the University of Exeter, office workers’ productivity is boosted by 35% if they were able to personalize their workspace. 

This shows that our workspace has a huge impact on our productivity, in many different ways. 

In fact, according to a study by Microsoft, users are at least 9% more productive with a bigger screen – or multiple screens. 

That additional real estate makes it easier for people to go back and forth between tasks. 

In this email, I’ll like to share a 3-screen configuration method to help you optimize your time and improve your productivity. 

On the left screen, dedicate to what you’re actually working on.

On the middle screen, let it be your accountability screen which includes Slack, OneNote (Or Evernote), or Strive (Or Hubspot or any CRM that you’re using). 

On the right screen, use it for social selling activities. Including Linkedin Sales Navigator, Hootsuite, or Spotify!

At the end of the day, distraction can be a total black hole. You never know what you’re getting into and get sucked into it. 

When you love your workspace, you’ll be able to pace your work.

Happy Scaling! Happy Selling!

Jonathan Quek

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