Strive August 2023 Updates πŸš€

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Dear Strivers,

Selamat Hari Merdeka to everyone! As we usher in the August Update, we’re excited to share the latest enhancements and updates we’ve made. Read on to view the improvements we have in store for you.


New Feature


1. πŸŽ‰ Say Hello to our Tutorial Module! 🀩

Feeling a bit puzzled about how our modules work? No sweat! Meet our new Tutorial Module. If you’re curious about any module or need to dive deeper into specific features, simply visit the Tutorial Module. Just pick the module or feature you want to learn about, click on it, and voila! Helpful YouTube videos will guide you through. πŸŽ₯
tutorial module.png-850




1. πŸ“± Strive Go added automated WhatsApp Access πŸ’¬

Update your Strive Go app to the latest version! Now, when you click on a contact, you’ll see the WhatsApp icon. Simply tap on it, and you’ll be directed to the link to send a message to your contact. Easy peasy! πŸ“²
strive gocontact automate wa click.jpg-823

2. πŸ“³ Strive Go added haptic experience for reply to πŸ“¬

Experience the all-new haptic feature when replying to messages! 🀩 Swipe or type a reply, and feel the delightful haptic response in Strive Go! πŸ“²

3. ✍️ Strive Go touchpoint outcome changes πŸ—“οΈ

Adding a touchpoint? πŸ“… You’ll see that the category has a default value, while the outcome doesn’t. That’s because selecting a category is necessary, but the outcome is optional, giving you flexibility! πŸ—‚οΈ
strive go touchpoint added no value for outcome.jpg-8018

4. πŸ“’ Events: Public & Private Option πŸ”’

In your event table, you’ll spot lock icons in the action column. A dark lock means the event is private, visible only to you. A lighten lock means it’s public, and everyone in your organization can see it! πŸ‘₯
event new table view.png-6304

5. πŸ“ Public or Private Forms Configuration πŸ‘€

We’ve added the public and private feature to our Form module too! A dark lock indicates a private form, exclusively for you. A lighten lock means it’s public, available to users in your organization!πŸ”
form new table view.png-5980

6. πŸ—“οΈ Improved Appointment Management πŸ—“οΈ

We’ve transformed the Appointment module into a more convenient table view, giving you a quick overview of all your appointments! Plus, we’ve added a public/private feature, so you can choose to share your appointments with your team or keep them private. 🀫
appt new table view.png-3054

7. πŸ‘€ Full Legal Name Field for Contacts ✍️

In the Contact module, we’ve included a new field called “Full Legal Name” to capture your contact’s full name. πŸ“
contact full legal name.png-2702

8. πŸ€– Integrate with ChatGPT πŸ’‘

Exciting news! Our Integration module now includes ChatGPT integration! Easily access ChatGPT for account creation or other interactions with just a few clicks. 🀝
chatGPT integration.png-5054

9. πŸ“‚ Export Contacts with Ease (And Restrictions) ⚠️

In the Contact table view, you can now select the contacts you want to export and simply click on “Export” at the top left of the table. Your selected contacts will be exported to a CSV file, making data management a breeze! πŸ’Ό
Please note, only admins or users with write permission for contacts can export them. Users with read-only access won’t be able to export contacts.. πŸ›‘οΈπŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ
contact export in table view.png-6567

10. βœ… Improved Event Attendance Tracking in Contact Activities πŸ“‹

When you mark your contact’s event attendance, you’ll now see which specific sub-event they attended in their contact activities. 🀩
attended event name.png-3749

11. πŸ‘€ Track Touchpoint Owners 😎

Wondering who added a touchpoint? Now, you can easily track it! We’ve added a new “By” field, indicating the user who added the touchpoint. πŸ‘€
contact touchpoint added by who.png-555

12. πŸ“ Autocomplete for Contact Race πŸ‘€

Editing your contact’s race just got more efficient! After saving the race once, the field will be saved for future use. So, next time you edit the race, it’ll autocomplete for you, saving time and effort. ⏱️
autocomplete race.png-6948

13. 🚫 Restrict Access Appointment & Event Links πŸ’»

Now, if your contact accidentally enter an incorrect link, they will be directed to an error page, ensuring they access the right information. 🚫
appt n event direct link.png-1730

14. πŸ“₯ Import Contacts with Download Template Option πŸ—ƒοΈ

Good news! When you click on the “Import Contacts” icon, you’ll find a handy “Download Template” button. This makes it super convenient and serves as a friendly reminder to use our Strive template for seamless contact importing. πŸ“₯
import contact.png-5563

15. πŸ”‡ Mute Feature in Contact Module πŸͺͺ

A handy mute feature is now available! When you click on a contact, you’ll find a speaker icon in the top-right corner. Use this feature to block Email/WA API/WA Personal Broadcast and Campaigns from being sent to the contact. They won’t appear as recipients after the message or email is sent. πŸ™Š
contact mute feature.png-2731

16. 🏷️ Export Tagging Effortlessly ✨

When you export contacts, their associated tags will be included in the CSV file. 🏷️
export tagging.png-7632

17. πŸ—“οΈ Access Contact Creation Dates in Zapier πŸ”—

Great news! You can now easily retrieve your contact’s creation date in Zapier for easy tracking and reference. πŸ—„οΈ
contact creation date in zapier.png-5939

18. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Easily filter contacts with empty fields 😎

Looking for contacts with missing info? We’ve got you covered! Now, you can filter your contacts based on specific empty fields. For example, want to find contacts without a last name? Just select the contact field and choose the “is Empty” operator. πŸ”
contact filter empty field.png-4858

19. πŸ‘₯ Contact’s Additional Field in Event Module able to support date answer type πŸ—“οΈ

When checking attendance, you’ll see your contact’s information. If you have additional fields with date answers, editing them is a breeze, as we now support date answer types. πŸ“…
event contact additional field able to support .png-3908

20. πŸ”— Task able to link to contact πŸ‘€

In the Task Module, you can now link tasks to specific contacts. When creating a task, easily select the contact you want to associate with it. πŸ“
task now include contact name.png-989

21. πŸ“Ή Share Videos via Converse πŸ’¬

With our Converse module, you can now send video attachments to your contacts. Share videos up to 16MB in size, whether it’s a product demo, event highlight, or a personalized video. πŸŽ₯
converse able to send video.png-7297

22. πŸ€– Automation can now rearrange steps effortlessly πŸ₯±

We’ve added arrows to help you reposition and delete steps with ease. Made a mistake or need to change the flow? No problem! Simply move the steps around as needed. πŸ”„
automation has reposition arrow.png-8338

23. πŸ‘€ Contact table view filters beyond 100 contacts 🀯

Our Contact Table View now lets you filter beyond 100 rows. No matter how extensive your contact list is, you can quickly find the right contacts with ease. πŸ”

24. 🧩 Merge Contact Duplicates Effortlessly 😎

Dealing with contact duplicates? No sweat! Use our bulk merge feature. All contacts are selected by default, but you can unselect any you want to keep separate. The one with the grey tick is the primary contact. Want to change the primary? Simply select the one you prefer before clicking “Bulk Merge Contacts.” Done! ✨
contact bulk merge.png-1226

25. 🚫 Mark Contacts as “Not Duplicate” ❌

When you Merge Duplicates icon, you’ll see “Not Duplicate” next to the non-primary contact. Just click it, and that contact won’t show up in future merge processes. 🀩
mark as not duplicate.png-9961

26. βš™οΈ Automation Status Now in Table Column πŸ”Œ

Managing automations just got simpler! We’ve added an automation status column, so you can easily control your automations. Turn them on or off right from the table view without diving into each one. πŸ€–
automation status.png-2496

27. βœ‰οΈ New Format for Chatbot List Messages πŸ—ƒοΈ

Notice the change? It’s now ‘Add Option’ instead of ‘Add Sub-Section’ for List Messages. Same goes for the β€˜Delete Option’. ✨
chatbot list message.png-2641

28. πŸ“€ Sending Log for WA Personal Setup and Campaign πŸ“±

Tracking your messages is easier than ever! In WA Personal Setup, clicking on Sending Log lets you see sent message details like recipient, type, status, and time.
For WA Personal Campaigns, Campaign Log displays the number of pending, successful, and failed messages. You’ll also see contact info, including names, numbers, sending accounts, status, and time. Stay on top of your messages! πŸ“Š
wa personal setup sending log.png-3915
wa personal campaign log.png-420

29. πŸ”’ Improved Public/Private Access in Form, Event, and Appointment Modules 🌐

Super admins can now naturally access forms, events, and appointments created by organization users. Owners of forms, events, and appointments get to decide their accessibility. For example, only form owners can set them as private. This applies across events and appointments too. βœ…

30. 🚨 Alerts for Disconnected WA Personal Accounts πŸ“’

Good news! Now, when your WA Personal account gets disconnected, you’ll receive a WhatsApp message on the disconnected phone number. Stay informed and in control! πŸ“΅

31. 🀝 Pabbly and Zapier with Organisation Selection πŸ“Œ

Connecting Pabbly and Zapier just got sharper! Now, selecting your organization is a must. This ensures seamless triggering and action alignment with the right organization. πŸ”—
pabbly organisation selection.png-523
zapier organisation selection.png-664

32. πŸ“… New Pabbly and Zapier Triggers: Book Appointment and Deal Move πŸ”

Two new triggers in town! Introducing Book Appointment and Deal Move triggers in Pabbly and Zapier. More options, more possibilities for automation. Let the actions unfold! βš™οΈ
pabbly trigger book appt.png-7626
pabbly trigger deal won.png-8943
zapier trigger book appt.png-8237
zapier trigger deal move.png-956

33. πŸ“ Capture “Full Legal Name” in Pabbly and Zapier πŸ”—

Say hello to complete records! Now, when you’re creating contacts in Pabbly or Zapier, you have the option to include their full legal names. πŸ“
pabbly full legal name.png-7213
zapier full legal name.png-8216

34. πŸ” Effortless contact search in Strive Go via contact number or email πŸ“ž

Searching for your contacts in Strive Go is a breeze! You can now quickly locate a contact using their phone number or email. Simply type in their email or contact number, and the matching contacts will instantly appear. πŸͺͺ
strive go contact search.jpg-6089

35. πŸŽ₯ Send Videos via Strive Go Converse 🀳

Exciting news! You can now share videos with your contacts using Strive Go Converse! Feel free to send videos up to 16MB in size. Send tutorials, greetings, or anything you fancy! πŸ“Ή
strive go converse video.jpg-7347

36. πŸš€ Streamlined WA Personal Broadcasts for single WA Personal account πŸ“±

If you’re connected with only one WA Personal account, we’ve added a clarity-enhancing update. Now, when you’re ready to send a WA Personal Broadcast, the blasting route and connected account will be displayed for your convenience. No more confusion, just smooth broadcasting! πŸ“’
wa personal broadcast.png-813

37. πŸ“Š Check When Your WA API Broadcast Messages Were Sent ⌚

Curious about when your WA API Broadcast messages were sent? Simply click on the stats and you’ll see a new “Send Date” column. Now you can keep track of message timing! ⏰
wa api broadcast added sent date.png-9084

38. πŸ“‚ Contact Export Now Shows Contact Source πŸ‘€

When you export your contacts, you’ll now find the “Contact Source” included in the exported file. This feature helps you keep track of where each contact originated from. πŸ“
contact export has contact source.png-6511

39. πŸ’¬ Elevate Your Chatbot with Advanced Smart Reply Settings βš™οΈ

Click on “ChatGPT Advanced Settings” to access the illustrated view below. This allows you to fine-tune your smart replies chatbot’s performance for a personalized touch. πŸ€–
chatbot smart replies advance setting.png-6711

40. πŸ’‘ Enhance Chatbot Smart Replies with Conditions 😎

Want to make your smart replies even smarter? Click “Add Action” to insert conditions. If your contact’s reply closely matches the specified condition, the corresponding action will be triggered. As of the current moment, we have 2 actions which are β€œFetch Appointment Availability” and β€œMake Appointment”. See the example in the image below. 🧠
chatbot smart replies condition.png-6543

41. 🏷️ Easy Tag Identification in Contact List πŸ“„

Navigate to the “View List” icon to reveal a new column labeled “Taggings.” This addition simplifies the identification of your contacts in the list based on their tags. πŸ“‹
contact list added tagging.png-3399

42. πŸ“Ž Attachments Now Possible in Email Broadcasts and Campaigns πŸ“§

Diversify your emails! In Email Broadcast and Campaigns, you can now include attachments when communicating with your contacts. πŸ“Ž
email broadcast and campaign add attachment.png-7137

43. πŸ€– Automate Outcome Category in “Create a Contact Touchpoint” πŸ“

Level up your automations! “Create a contact touchpoint” action now supports outcome categories, not just touchpoint categories. This precision helps you efficiently manage contact interactions. 🀝
automation add touchpoint added outcome category.png-1182

44. πŸ‘€ Individualized Stats in Converse Analytics πŸ“Š

Dive into detailed analytics with ease! When you select specific users from the Org Members dropdown, the analytics will cater to your selection, providing personalized insights. πŸ“ˆ
converse analytics for individual.png-1587

And with that, we bring this August update to a close, but stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future. For a look at the bugs we’ve addressed, simply head over and check out the changelog. Keep Striving, everyone! πŸš€

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