Strive February 2024 Updates 🚀

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Dear Strivers,

February is upon us, and so is our February 2024 update. Wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating! Let the celebration continue as you read on for a peek at the updates.


1. Introducing Private Messaging in Flowbuilder for Facebook Messenger! 💬

Introducing a brand-new action in Flowbuilder: “Private Message.”

Now, you can effortlessly configure Flowbuilder to send private message to your Facebook pages followers upon they comment to your configured posts. Plus, any replies from your contacts will automatically create a ticket in Strive for seamless communication.

Converse FB private message

2. Facebook Comment Automation Unleashed! 🌐

Now you can automate responses to comments on your Facebook Page! With this new feature, whenever someone comments on a post, you can set up automatic replies or like the comment.

Jump into Flowbuilder today and experience the convenience of automated interactions with your Facebook community! 🚀

Converse FB trigger

3. Deal Details in WA Personal Templates! 📝

Now, when you use WA Personal Templates, you can seamlessly include your important deal information.

Easily share relevant details with your contact, making your communication more efficient.💬

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 3

4. Assign Groups to WA Personal Devices and Facebook Pages! 🤝

Now, admin(s) have the ability to assign WA Personal devices and Facebook Pages to specific groups.

group includes wa personal n fb page

5. Strive Go Replies in Messenger Channel Now Visible in Strive Web 📬

When you respond to messages from your contacts using Strive Go on the Messenger channel, those replies will now show up in Strive web.

This means you can seamlessly continue conversations across different platforms, keeping everything organized and accessible in one place.

6. New Ticket Filter: Filter by WA Personal or FB Page 🔍

Now, with the latest update, you have the option to filter your tickets specifically by your WA Personal channel or your Facebook Page.

This makes it easier to manage and organize your tickets based on the platform they came in from.

converse filter includes wa personal n fb page

7. Explore More in Company Activities! 📊

Now, when you double-click on the number in the Company Activities column and scroll to the right, you’ll uncover additional details about your contacts’ activities.

This enhancement allows you to delve deeper into your contacts’ interactions, empowering you to better understand and analyze their engagements. 🚀

company module activity table more info

8. Introducing Mute Contact in Flowbuilder! 🔇

Ever had a contact request some peace and quiet? Well, now you can effortlessly respect their preferences with our new Flowbuilder action: Mute Contact! Simply choose this step in your flow, and voila!

Your contact will be muted, ensuring they won’t receive any Emails or WA blasts from you.

If they change their mind and want to hear from you again, simply head to the Contact module, find your contact, and click the speaker icon to unmute them. 🔈

mute contact

9. Enhanced Navigation Buttons in KPI Pipeline! 🔍

We’ve made some improvements to the “Next” and “Previous” buttons in the KPI Pipeline section.

Now, when you’re able to click to view the next or previous item, the button will appear in a noticeable blue color.

If there’s no further item to view, the button will appear greyed out.

This enhancement makes it easier for you to navigate through your pipeline data with clarity! 🚀

KPI Pipeline list view next:previous button more obvious

10. Ticket Delegation Timestamps Added! 🎟️

We’ve enhanced our ticket delegation feature by adding timestamps!

Now, when you delegate a ticket to a specific user, admin and the user can see the exact time it was handed over.

This helps you track the delegation process more efficiently and ensures transparency in ticket management. 🕒

ticket delegation now include timestamp

11. Converse WA API Channels Now Display Phone Numbers! 📱

In the Converse section, accessing your connected channels is now more informative.

Click the Settings button to view your connected channels, and we’ve added phone number for your WA API channels.

This enhancement makes it easier for you to identify and manage your channels seamlessly 📞

connected channel number

12. Enhanced Access Control for Groups And Accounts! 🔐

Now, when a user is added to a group and assigned a specific WA Personal number, they only have access to that number for both broadcasts and conversations.

This feature ensures streamlined communication processes within designated groups, and efficiency in managing account access.

group account assigned

13. Find Out Why Your WA Personal Message Didn’t Get Delivered! 🔎

Ever wondered why your WA Personal Broadcast failed to reach a contact?

Now, with our latest update, you can easily find out! Simply double-click on the ‘Failed’ count, then scroll to the right to see the specific reason under the ‘Detail’ column.

WA Personal Broadcast Failed status

14. Converse Gets Visual: Preview Images and Media Replies! 📸

Now, when you or your contact replies with an image or media in Converse, you can easily preview the message.

Enjoy a more visual and engaging conversation experience! ✨

Converse reply to preview image

15. Customize Contact Fields: Edit and Require Information! 🛠️

When you’re in the Edit Contact Format, hover your mouse over a contact field to see two icons at the top right:

  • Editable or Non-editable 🚫

The left icon, resembling a list with a pencil, lets you choose whether the field can be edited or not.

If it’s set as non-editable, neither admins nor users can change the information once the contact is created.

  • Compulsory or Optional ⚠️

The right asterisk icon sets the field as compulsory or optional.

If it’s compulsory, you’ll see a red asterisk next to the field name. Users must fill it in to create the contact.

Once you have set it to compulsory, users must fill in the field in order to create the contact

*Remember, only organisation admins can access the Edit Contact Format feature.

Editable n compulsory

16. New in Converse: WA Personal Broadcast and View Scheduled View! 📣

Now in your WA Personal channel tickets, you’ll notice two handy buttons on the right side. The first one, WA Personal Broadcast, lets you send out or schedule broadcasts directly from the Converse module, making it super convenient.

Curious about upcoming scheduled broadcasts for a contact? Just click on the topmost button labeled “View Scheduled Broadcast.” It provides a quick overview of titles, messages, and broadcast dates. 🚀

WA Personal Broadcast & scheduled broadcast

17. View Scheduled and Sent Broadcasts! 📅

Now, when you click on “View Scheduled Broadcast” in the Converse ticket, you’ll find a neat segmentation of the scheduled and sent broadcasts for your contact.

This update simplifies the tracking of your communication with the contact. 📬

view scheduled for WA Personal

18. Preview your Converse Messages! 👀

Curious about your contact’s message before officially accepting the ticket?

Simply click on the ticket, and you’ll find a preview in the center column.

Note: To reply to the contact, make sure to accept the ticket first. 📩

preview converse messages

19. Contact Merge Enhancements! ✨

Merging contacts just got smoother:

  1. Primary contact details take precedence.
  2. No merging of names; the primary name stays intact
  3. Email and Contact: If they’re the same, no change. If different, it’s added to the next existing or new email/contact field.
  4. Contact creation date follows the primary contact.
  5. Other contact field follows the primary contact info; if not available, it uses the secondary contact’s info.
  6. Contact tagging, notes, and activities will seamlessly merge.

Enjoy a more streamlined contact merging experience! 🚀

20. Restriction on Company Owner Assignment! 🔒

Now, only organisation admins or current company owners can assign the company owner to another user. However, if you’re not the company owner or organisation admin, this feature won’t be available to you.

This enhancement ensures a more controlled and secure company owner assignment process. 💼

Company owner n admin only can assign owner

21. Leaderboard now includes year 2024! 📊

You can now check out the January 2024 leaderboard to see how you and your team are performing.

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 3

That concludes our journey through the February 2024 update! We can’t wait to share more with you in the next update.

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