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Dear Strivers,

Time flies and we have reached the end of the first month of 2023. For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, hope you have a bountiful year of the Rabbit and to those who do not celebrate Chinese New Year, wishing you all a great year ahead and good health. We are really excited to share this extensive variety of updates with you all this month. Curious to know what are the updates for this month? Scroll down to find out.




1. WA API Campaign requirement added for media header

If you selected a template with a media header, you are required to provide the url or choose the file corresponding to the media type to proceed to save the message.
wa api campaign url checker.png

2. Chatbot add List Message to support WA list message

We have added a new action type which is List Message for WA.You can add up to 10 list sections and 10 list sub-sections. Your recipient can select which list to select as a reply without the need of typing it out.
chatbot support list message.png

3. Email sub module and WA Personal sub module naming has been streamlined

We have made it more organized for the naming of the sub modules by removing the module names in front of the sub module. Previously named Email Broadcast and Email Campaign has been renamed to Broadcast and Campaign sub module. Same also applies for the WA Personal and WA Campaign which has been renamed to Broadcast and Campaign sub module
email broadcast n campaign, wa broadcast n campaign.png

4. Contact add to list button renamed from Assign to Enrol

In our sub-module Contact, we have noticed that when you select contact to add in the list, the button shown on the lower right is Assign. To avoid any confusion, we have renamed the button to Enrol.
rename button from assign to enrol.png

5. Contact List has option to create as WA API Broadcast List and Email Broadcast List

Our two new list types work very similarly like a mailing list. For our WA API Broadcast List, you may configure the chatbot to enable your contact(s) to unsubscribe. When your contact unsubscribes, their subscription status will change and they will not receive any future WA messages eventhough they are in the list. This is to prevent sending to those who wish to not receive the message. The same concept applies for Email Broadcast List.
mailing list structure.png

6. Converse added name of user who sent the message

We have included the user’s name below the message so that you can tell who responded to the contact.
converse has sent by which user.png

7. Deal checklist template is creatable and editable by users in your organisation

Now as a user, you will also be able to create your own checklist template which is shared among your organisation. The other users in your organisation are allowed to edit the template regardless of the template owner.
template checklist can be created and edited by org.png

8. Email Broadcast template can be rename

Want to personalize the broadcast advance email builder template? Well, now you can just by clicking the Choose Templates and type in your template name. In addition, it will auto save the name after you have finished typing.
broadcast template can be rename.png

9. WA Personal Broadcast blasting added pause/resume function

We heard that you wanted to stop WA Personal blasting from being sent out. Therefore, we have the solution for you. We have added a Pause function and Resume function in the Actions column. When your Broadcast Status is Sending, the icon for pause will appear beside the pencil icon. If you wish to resume to send out the broadcast, you may select the Resume icon beside the pencil icon.
pause to resume wa personal broadcast.png

10. Converse able to opt in or out for new message notification

Tired of constantly being notified when a new message comes in? Now you are able to be in control of the notification at the converse setting. You can enable or disable the notification freely.
converse opt in and out.png

That is all the updates for this month. We appreciate your time taken to read our update. I hope you’re looking forward to what we have in store for you in the upcoming updates.

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