Strive July 2022 Updates 🚀

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1. Launch of WhatsApp Biz

We have finally launched our very own WhatsApp Biz.

If you are running a business and require a verified WhatsApp number to handle your marketing, now you can start with Strive!

2. Launch of Converse

Converse short for Conversation is now available! You will be able to link your Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Biz to have a centralised chat! We are continuously adding more chat tools so you do not need to operate from 5-10 social media platforms.

3. Launch of Appointment

We hear you, some of you have requested for appointment feature so that you can get your clients to book your time! We have built it too! Do give us some time to also incorporate integration with GCalander, Google Meet, and Zoom. It will be here soon!

4. Added Merge Duplicates For Contacts

Due to multiple incidents of identifying duplicate contacts, we have added a Merge Duplicates feature where with one click, you will be able to identify the data that are duplicates and merge it immediately!

Just head over to Contacts Module, click the human setting icon, and look for an arrow facing up icon to start merging your duplicates.

We are working very very hard to revamp our app into Strive 2.0!

Stay tuned with a whole lot more features in an app!

Keep Striving! 🚀

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