5 Ways to Handle Rejections in Sales

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We all wish for a day where all our potential clients can just nod their heads and say YES! But the truth is things don’t usually go our way! 

So what can we do when we are rejected? 

Here are some tips that we personally use to keep our fire going!

  1. When the client says NO it means Next Opportunity!

When a client rejects you, keep chant in your mind that it means there will be next opportunity. Don’t let a rejection stop you from what you want to achieve! 

  1. Build relationships, not sales

Do remember that in sales relationships comes first, people buy you FIRST instead of buying the product. Look at insurance agents, normally when people want to buy from that agent it’s because there is a certain degree of trust established. So focus on building relationships first!

  1. When they say NO NOW, does not mean NO FOREVER

When the person can’t purchase from you now, stay on and persevere and probably 3 months, 6 months, or even 1 year later you can approach them again and they could be in a position to buy from you then! 

  1. Get them to refer you

When you start building a relationship with them, and they like you, you can always make a request to ask if they have friends that would be interested in your product. 

  1. Find ways to add value to them

The fastest way to build a relationship is to add value to them, find a way to focus on adding value first, this way you can build trust and credibility.

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