The 5 Levels of Clients Awareness & What To Sell To Each Of Them

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5 Levels Of Clients Awareness

Legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz outlined an awareness chart that plots 5 stages of awareness. 

Whoever creates awareness for the client also creates trust, likeability and will be the one who gets the sale. 

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 levels of customer awareness. This is another way to look at the buyer’s journey.

Stage 1: Unaware

People at this stage are not necessarily in need of anything at this point. Looking at this differently, people are unaware of and don’t care about you. They don’t know you. And most importantly, people at this stage won’t buy from you.

Stage 2: Pain Aware or Problem Aware

These are people who are aware of their problem but not any solutions. The point remains is that at this stage, they became aware that they have a problem (that is related to what you can solve).

Stage 3: Solution Aware

People at this level of awareness know solutions exist for their pain but don’t know about yours.

Stage 4: Product Aware

People know you offer solutions they may need but they have yet to choose your product.

Stage 5: Most Aware

Visitors know and trust your brand. People at this stage are fully aware of you, your brand, and what you have to offer.

Key Takeaways:

Awareness-based content isn’t about “salesy” selling or gimmicky techniques. It’s about:

1) Connecting with your client at the right stage
2) Helping them understand what they need to know right there and then
3) Showing how your product/services solves their problem once they’re at that point

How are you creating your contents to educate and connect with your prospects and clients at the moment?

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