How This Man Make $90 Million In Profits In 6 Years & Kept Everything To Himself?

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Daniel Wellington

If you’re a frequent Instagram user, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the Daniel Wellington watch. But do you know the story of how they scaled their sales? 

Filip Tysander started Daniel Wellington in Year 2011 when elegant-looking watches only had elegant price tags. He created a watch that was affordable but looked expensive. So, he had a quality product, at least from a perception standpoint. 

Then he started doing something that nobody else was doing at that time. He started giving out exclusive coupon codes to people with big social media followings and gave them a commission for every sale. We call it “influencer marketing” today, but at that time, the term did not even exist. 

So, he had a good product and combined it with a new way of marketing, and in 2017, the company did $90 million in profit.

Guess what?

Filip owns 100% of the company. No funding. No investors. Pure profit!

Lesson learnt?

When you combine a fresh take on a product that people are already buying with a new selling system, you create amazing results!

Happy Scaling! Happy Selling!

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