Strive June 2022 Updates 🚀

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1. Reposition Status and Contact Categories

We have repositioned the fields, shifting Status to be below Contact Category.

2. Added Label into Action Plan for Contacts Type & Contact Category

Now you can see the type of contact and categories of each contact when you open Action Plan and Add Value is updated to Engage.

3. Able To Update Touchpoint/Pipeline/Contact Info When Checking Action Plan

When checking the action plan, a page with pipeline and contact info will be prompted allowing you to update touchpoint, move deals in pipeline or even update contact info.

4. Added DD MM In Contact Page

You can now know your client’s birthday in our Contact’s quick view!

5. WA Broadcast And WA Campaign Repositioned

WA Broadcast and WA Campaign is now under Broadcast

6. Lead Categories Updated

Wordings from previously ABCD has been updated as follow.

7. Autofocus When Adding Contact In Pipeline

We have enhanced the user experience whereby when you add a contact, it will autofocus on the search to skip a click.

8. Date Of Birth And Contact Created Display Changes

We have fixed the date of birth display from 1970-01-01 to Not Available and Registered Date changed to Contact Created Date

9. Contact List Enhanced

We have added an enable button option to make the user interface clearer in order to enable Round Robin

Most of the current updates are user interface enhancement, there will be a few new features being added in July!

Stay tuned and Keep Striving!🚀

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