Strive May 2024 Updates πŸš€

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Dear Strivers,

June is here, and so is our May 2024 monthly update. But before we dive in, let’s extend warm wishes to those commemorating Wesak Day and a big shoutout to all the amazing moms for Mother’s Day!


1. Enhanced Contact Importing! πŸ“‡

Experience a smarter way to import your contacts! Now, when you download the template to import your contacts, you can customize it by removing any fields that aren’t relevant to you. Once you have removed the columns, fill in the template with your contact’s data then import into Strive.

Our system would still be able to detect the unique fields to either create new contacts or update existing ones respectively. ✨

Note: Do ensure the the header names are not modified and there are no empty columns between the contact fields.

smarter import contact

2. New Navigation Features at the Bottom of the Sidebar! 🌟

What’s New:

We’ve added some fresh updates to the sidebar menu to improve your navigation experience. Here are the three new additions πŸŽ‰ :

  1. Canny Changelog : Stay updated with our latest releases and bug fixes.
  2. Setting : Access various settings including “Manage” and “Integration”. Super admins also have the option to “Invite User”.
  3. Tutorial : Easily access our Tutorial module to watch helpful videos covering different features.

Note: Invite User feature is only available for Super Admin of the organisation.

side actions copy

3. Exciting New ChatGPT Actions in Flowbuilder! πŸ€–

We’re excited to introduce five new ChatGPT actions in Flowbuilder! Here’s a rundown of what you can do:

  • ChatGPT AI Knowledge Base

Input knowledge into ChatGPT and save the results in a specified variable. This variable can then be used to output in a text node, making your workflow smarter and more dynamic.

flowbuilder chatgpt knowledge base
  • ChatGPT Smart Process

Ask AI questions based on a prompt and get answers. Easily ask ChatGPT to summarize your contact’s messages or ChatGPT results that is saved in the variable.

flowbuilder chatgpt smart process
  • ChatGPT AI Intent

Determine the intent behind inquiries. ChatGPT analyzes the contact’s reply to understand the intent of their message and it will be split into three paths: yes, no, or neither.

flowbuilder chatgpt ai intent
  • ChatGPT Text to Speech

Convert text into speech within your flow. You can either manually input the text or select the variable that you would like to convert to speech.

There are 6 different type of voices that you are able to select from. The converted speech that is saved in the variable will then be able to be used in the Audio node to send it out to your contact.

flowbuilder chatgpt text to speech
  • ChatGPT Speech to Text

Turn audio messages from your contacts into text. You can select the audio language or set it to auto, which will detect and use the language of your contact’s message.

The audio message from your contact will be saved into the specified variable.

This makes communication more interactive and accessible.

chatgpt sst updated

Enjoy these new capabilities to enhance your workflow and make interactions smarter and more efficient! πŸŽ‰

4. Manage Contact Export Restriction and Audit Log! πŸ“Š

What’s New:

1. Control Contact Export Settings

Now, super admins have the ability to control who can export contacts within the organization. πŸ”’

To configure this setting:

  1. Click on the gear icon at the bottom left.
  2. Select “Manage.”
  3. Head over to the Organisation section.
  4. Click on the third icon in the Action column to allow or disallow contact exports.
user contact export configuration

2. Audit Log for Contact Export Activity

Super admins can now access an Audit Log section when managing their account. In this log, they can see who exported contacts, contact lists, or exported to Google Contacts, along with the date and time of each export. πŸ—‚οΈ

super admin audit log

5. Disable Flowbuilder for Ticket in Inbox! πŸ€–

Now you have the option to disable all Flowbuilder for the ticket.

By default, when Flowbuilder is active for a ticket, it displays “Bot is active” at the top of the ticket.

Click on it to change it to “Bot is Inactive”, and the flowbuilders won’t triggered for that ticket, regardless if it’s keyword-based or non-keyword based.

Enjoy more control over your contact interactions. πŸ€–

turn off flowbuilder

6. Re-download Attachments in WA Personal Channel Tickets! πŸ”„

What’s New:

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to easily re-download attachments from your contact’s messages if they’re not visible or downloadable in the ticket.

Just click on the download icon located below the reply icon to re-download the attachment then it will be visible and downloadable. πŸ“„

Note: This feature is exclusive for WA Personal channel tickets and it’s limited to document, video, audio and image format only.

7. Enhanced Purchase Logging in Inbox! πŸ›’

Now, when you log a purchase in the Inbox module and your product has custom fields, you will be able to view the fields below the Product Details.

If your product has custom fields and a contact makes a purchase, you can now easily fill in the purchase details alongside the custom fields as needed. Once the fields are filled out, just click “Save” and the purchase will be logged. πŸ“

Note: Configuration of custom fields can only be done in the Product module.

Inbox log purchase now includes additional field

8. Fresh Look for Inbox Contacts! πŸͺͺ

What’s New:

Experience the new and improved look of your contact information in the Inbox module!

Now, when you click on a ticket linked to a contact in the inbox module, you’ll see your contact’s information conveniently displayed on the right side.

flowbuilder new look

How to configure it?

To customize which contact fields you want to display, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Settings button in the Inbox module.
  2. Scroll down to find options for displaying contact fields.
  3. Check the boxes next to the fields you want to display.
  4. Click “Save Changes” to apply your preferences.
inbox contact details display

9. Contact Activity Tracks Contact Reimports! πŸ”„

Now, when you import your contacts and they are existing contacts, you’ll see in their contact activities, it shows when they were reimported. πŸ“…

contact reimported

10. Exciting New Look for Strive Go! πŸŽ‰

Don’t forget to update your Strive Go app to discover its new and improved appearance.

Once you have updated the app, you can will be able to enjoy the fresh, improved user interface and smoother experience.

Here is a sneak peak below πŸ˜‰

Strive Go enhanced ui

11. Edited Messages Indicator in Strive GO! ✏️

What’s New:

Now, when a contact sends you a message and later edits it, you’ll see the word “Edited” at the bottom of the message showing that the message has been edited.

This feature helps you stay updated on any changes made to incoming messages, giving you more context and clarity in your conversations. πŸ”

Strive Go incoming edited

12. Fresh New Look for Your Contact Information! ✨

What’s New:

Enjoy the new and cleaner look of your contact information!

We’ve enhanced the contact details view to make it more organised and visually appealing. 🌟

contact info new look

13. New “More Than” Filter Option for Contacts! πŸ”

What’s New:

We’ve added a new filter option called “More Than” for your contacts. Now, when you filter contacts by date or number, you can easily find those that exceed a specific value.

This makes it simpler to manage and organize your contacts. πŸ‘₯

contact filter more than

14. Pipeline Deal Labels in Strive Go! 🏷️

What’s New:

Now, when you check your KPI Pipeline or Task Manager in Strive Go, you will see the deal labels displayed. This makes it easier to identify and manage your deals at a glance.

Enjoy a more organized and efficient workflow with this new addition! 🌟

Pipeline deal outside label view

15. New Options in Flowbuilder Condition Node! πŸ› οΈ

What’s New:

We’ve expanded the options in the Condition node of Flowbuilder with two new choices: “is Empty” and “is NOT empty.”

Now, you can set conditions to check if variables or messages are empty or not, guiding your flow based on the condition. πŸ’¬

flowbuilder condition is empty, is not empty

16. Easily Add Detailed Personal Information πŸ“

What’s New:

You can now add more detailed personal information fields!

Simply click on “Custom Field,” type in the field name, and choose the field type from the dropdown selection.

This allows you to capture even more specific details about your contacts, helping you tailor your interactions better.

detailed personal information

17. Easily Edit or Delete Tagging 🏷️

What’s New

Now you can easily rename your tags by editing them, or you can delete your tags! πŸ“

How to access it? 🏷️

Just click on the blue icon at the top right of the Contact module, then click on the leftmost icon that looks like a tag. 🏷️

edit tagging

How to edit a tag? ✏️

  1. Click on the pencil icon.
  2. Make the changes.
  3. Click on the tick icon to save the change.

How to delete a tag? ❌

  1. Click on the red X icon.
  2. Click Ok for the confirmation.
edit tagging part 2

18. Easily Remove Tags Automatically 🏷️

What’s New:

You can now set up an automation with the new automation action “Remove Tagging” to remove tags from your contacts without lifting a finger! ✨

This means no more manual workβ€”just set it and forget it.

automation action remove tagging

19. Send Excel Files in WA Personal Messages πŸ“Ž

What’s New

You can now attach Excel files to your WA Personal Broadcast and Campaign! πŸŽ‰βœ‰οΈ

Easily send out spreadsheets and important data with your contacts through your WA Personal messages. Simply attach your Excel files and send them along with your messages seamlessly. πŸ“ˆπŸ’¬

wa personal media attachment for excel

20. Easily View Your Deal Forecast Percentage πŸ“Š

What’s New:

You can now easily see the forecast percentage for your deals in the KPI Pipeline! πŸ”

To get started, simply configure your deal display by following these steps:

  1. Click on a KPI Pipeline board.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top right of the board.
  3. Select “Deal Display”.
  4. Tick the box next to “Forecast Percentage”.
  5. Click “Save Changes.”
kpi pipeline forecast percentage config

Once you have configured, you will be able to view the forecast percentage in the normal deal Kanban view and in the Pipeline Forecast view.

With this update, tracking your deal forecasts is smoother than ever before. 🌟

kpi pipeline forecast percentage

21. Automatic Contact List Creation when Google Import! πŸ“₯

What’s New:

When you import your contacts via Google Import, a contact list will be automatically created for you.

Enjoy the convenience of organized contact management with just a few clicks. πŸš€

22. Enhanced Super Admin Security! πŸ”’

We’ve implemented new restrictions to enhance the security of super admin accounts.

Previously, super admins couldn’t delete other super admin accounts, but now they also can’t accidentally delete their own accounts.

This helps prevent any unintentional account removal or deletion of super admin account. πŸ”

23. Automatic Recovery When Reconnect Disconnected WA Personal Device πŸ“±

If your WA Personal disconnects, your WA Personal Broadcasts, Campaigns and Flowbuilders would also get affected.

After you have reconnected your device, it will automatically replace it with your new connection for your WA Personal broadcasts, campaigns, and flowbuilders.

Say goodbye to manually restoring your connections for your WA Personal Broadcast, WA Personal Campaign, and Flowbuilder that you have previously setup for the device. ✨

24. Stay Informed with WA Personal Device Disconnection Alerts 🚨

What’s New:

If a WA Personal device gets disconnected, all users in your organisation will receive a notification via the Strive GO app. πŸ“²

Make sure you have Strive GO installed to not miss out on these important alerts.

25. Expanded WA Personal Broadcast Search Results πŸ”

What’s New:

Now, when you search for recipients or exclude recipients in the WA Personal Broadcast, you’ll see the top 50 results from your contacts, contact lists, or tags.

This makes it much easier to find the contacts, contact lists, or tags you’re looking for. πŸŽ‰

26. Open Shared Pipeline Deal Link in Strive GO App! πŸ”—

What’s new:

Now, when an admin or user from your organization shares you a link to a Pipeline deal, you can easily open it in our Strive GO app.

If you’ve already downloaded the app, clicking on the link will take you directly to the Pipeline module within Strive GO.

This allows you to access and manage your deals on the go with just a few taps. πŸ“±

27. Product Columns Stay Consistent During Edits πŸ› οΈ

Now, when you set your product columns, they will remain unchanged even when you edit product details or log a purchase.

This makes it easier to manage and track your product information without having to make changes the columns each time. πŸ”§

28. Speed Boost for Flowbuilder! πŸ’¨

Now, creating and managing your fwlowbuilders is quicker and smoother than before.

Enjoy a smoother experience with our optimised loading times! πŸŽ‰

29. Faster Contact Uploads! πŸš€

Get ready for a speed boost when uploading your contacts!

We’ve optimized the loading speed for uploading your contacts, so now you can import them faster than before. πŸŽ‰

And that’s a wrap for our May 2024 update! We hope you found it informative. Stay tuned for future updatesβ€”we’ve got plenty in store!

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