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Dear Strivers,

Happy October, everyone! No tricks, just our October Update waiting for you. As the month comes to a close, it’s time to cozy up and read on to discover all the exciting updates we have in store.

New Feature

1. 🌟 Say Hello to Flowbuilder πŸ€–

We’re thrilled to introduce Flowbuilder, the future of our chatbot system! πŸš€ With Flowbuilder, crafting chatbots is a breeze. Try it out today and share your thoughts! We’re eager to hear your feedback. Take a sneak peek at Flowbuilder below! πŸ‘‡


1. 🎯 Filter Deals by Contact Source in KPI Pipeline πŸͺͺ

Good news! In KPI Pipeline, you can now easily filter your deals by their contact source. This helps you pinpoint and manage deals more effectively. πŸ“Š
kpi pipeline filter contact source.png-3211

2. πŸ“… Appointment Rescheduling for Today’s Events πŸ“…

Can’t make it to a scheduled appointment happening today? No problem! Now you can effortlessly reschedule it for another date or time that suits you. Keep your appointments flexible and stress-free. πŸ˜‰
appt reschedule for today.png-8301

3. πŸ“¦ Customize Your Products with Custom Fields πŸ–ŠοΈ

When you’re creating or editing a product, you can now add custom fields tailored specifically to that product. These customizations won’t affect other products, allowing you to tailor your offerings precisely. 🧰
product additional field.png-9390

4. πŸ“’ WA Personal Broadcast – Simpler Broadcast Scheduling ⏲️

Sending out WA Personal Broadcasts has gotten simpler! Just select your desired broadcast time range with a tick, and if you need more info on the timing, hover over it to see a helpful tooltip description. πŸ’‘
wa personal broadcast tick broadcast time range.png-9376

5. πŸš€ Automate WA Personal Messages πŸ’¬

Exciting news! You can now automate sending WA Personal messages to your contacts. Simply create a message template in the WA Personal Template module, then select it in your Automation.
Keep in mind, appointment-related templates should be used for automation triggers like “Appointment marked as attended” or “Appointment marked as not attended.” πŸ“
automation action to send wa personal message.png-3461

6. πŸ“‘ Add Contacts to Lists Effortlessly in Table format πŸ“–

In the Contact table format, you can quickly add your contacts to contact lists. Just select the checkboxes next to the contacts you want and click “Add to List.” πŸ—ƒοΈ
contact table view able to add into contact list.png-8579

7. βœ… Mark Attendance for Appointments πŸ—“οΈ

Keep tabs on your contact’s engagement effortlessly. You can now mark attendance for appointments, making it simple to track who attended and who was a no-show. πŸ—‚οΈ
appt status.png-7557

8. πŸ“… Same day Appointment Booking Option πŸ“

Need to offer same-day booking? Enable same-day booking by ticking the box, allowing your contacts to schedule appointments on the very same day. πŸ—“οΈ
appt book same day.png-4186

9. πŸ—“οΈ Nearest Appointment Date First πŸ“…

We’ve improved the way appointment bookings are displayed. Now, the closest appointment date appear at the top of your list, making it easier to manage your schedule. ⌚
appt sort based on latest date.png-6681

10. βš™οΈ Automate Based on Appointment Attendance βœ…

Introducing two new automation triggers: “Appointment Attended” and “Appointment Not Attended.” Now, you can set up automations based on whether your contacts attend or miss appointments, helping you stay organized and responsive. 😎
automation trigger for appt.png-501

11. πŸ“… Know Your Last Message Date for WA Personal Broadcast πŸ“±

After you’ve completed all the necessary fields, you can now see the estimated time for the last message to be sent in your WA Personal Broadcast. This feature helps you plan and manage your communication effectively, so you can reach your audience at the right time. ⏰
wa personal broadcat last message date.png-6287

12. πŸ“‘ Product custom field able to segmentize and reorder πŸ”Ό

When you’re creating or editing a product, you can now easily organize and rearrange your custom fields, making it simpler to tailor your product information just how you want. This gives you more flexibility and control when displaying your product data.
product custom field reorder n  segmentize.png-3236

13. 😎 Effortlessly Organize Your Contacts πŸ—ƒοΈ

In your contact list, you can now seamlessly select contacts and add them to an existing list or even create a brand new list right on the spot. πŸ“‹
contact list add to contact list.png-5718

14. πŸ’» Monitor Smart Replies Token Usage 🎟️

When a contact interacts with the smart replies chatbot, you’ll see the number of tokens used based on the last message. This helps you to keep track of how many tokens are used, providing valuable insights for optimizing your chatbot’s responses. πŸ€–
smart replies current token used.png-5129

15. πŸ“ Easily Track Your Contact Appointments Attendance πŸ“…

Now, when you mark whether a contact attended or missed an appointment, it will be logged in their contact activity. This makes it convenient for you to keep tabs on your contact’s appointment attendance. βœ…
contact activity for appt attendance.png-9165

16. πŸ“§ Stay Informed with Email Alerts for WA Personal Device Disconnection πŸ“΄

Now, if your WA Personal device gets disconnected, you’ll receive an email alert in your inbox. This keeps you informed to take action and reconnect your WA Personal device. πŸ“ž

17. πŸ“© WA Personal Broadcast Choices: Send Text or Attachment First πŸ“Ž

Now, you have control over the order in which your messages go out for your WA Personal Broadcast. You can select whether you want to send the text part of your message first or the attachments. Just pick from the dropdown, either “Attachments first, then text” or “Text first, then attachments.” πŸ€”
wa personal boardcast text or attachment first.png-9218

18. πŸ“± Manage New Connections During WA Personal Broadcast Pauses πŸ“³

When you temporarily pause your WA Personal Broadcast and a new device gets linked, you’ll see the newly connected device right in the blasting route. This feature allows you to choose which device you want to use to continue sending your messages once you’re ready to resume. #️⃣

19. πŸ“Ή WA API Video Headers Now Support File Size Limit Of 16MB! 🎬

If you’re using a video as the header for your WA API Template, the good news is we’ve increased the limit to 16MB. Now you can attach a larger video file that doesn’t exceed 16MB to send to your contacts. πŸ“½οΈ
wa api template header 16MB.png-8228

20. πŸ“¦ Configure Taxes for Your Products Easily πŸ’°

When you’re creating or editing your products, you can now configure the tax percentage just by clicking on the tax checkbox and enter the tax percentage . This way, when you log a purchase or link a product, the tax is automatically included in the total price if you have configured it. πŸ’΅
product checkbox for tax.png-6771

21. πŸ“¦ Flexible Product Linking in Your Pipeline Deal πŸ“‹

Now, when you link a product in your pipeline, you can not only select the product but also fill in additional fields, modify the price, and adjust the tax as needed. This flexibility ensures that your product details in the pipeline accurately reflect your specific requirements. βš™οΈ
pipeline lnk product edit tax and custom field crop ver.png-6834

And that’s a wrap for our October Update! We appreciate your fantastic support. The adventure doesn’t end here, so keep an eye out for our upcoming updates, where you’ll uncover even more exciting updates. 🀩

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