Strive September 2023 Updates πŸš€

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Dear Strivers,

September has been a month of celebration with Malaysia Day and mid-autumn festival. In the spirit of these festivities, we’re excited to present the September Update. Read on to discover the updates that we’ve made.


1. 🏠 Dashboard Transformed into “Home” πŸ“

Exciting news! We’ve given our Dashboard a makeover and renamed it “Home.” In this new space, you’ll find your daily tasks front and center. Plus, you can easily access upcoming and completed tasks with just a click. Stay organized and efficient with our Home module. Below is an exclusive sneak peak of our Home module. πŸ‘€
Revamped home.png-5497

2. ⚑ Speed Boost for Converse Ticket Loading 🏎️

Is your ticket list getting longer and slower to load? Not anymore! We’ve fine-tuned the system to significantly reduce loading times. Enjoy a smoother and faster experience when managing your Converse tickets. 🎫

3. πŸ›οΈ Pipeline Link Deal Trigger Now Defaults to “On Deal Won” πŸ”—

When you’re linking a product in your pipeline deal, we’ve made it even more convenient. Now, the default setting for the trigger purchase is “On Deal Won.” 🀝
link product - on deal won.png-3418

4. 🎫 Find Converse Tickets by Contact’s Additional Details πŸͺͺ

Our Converse search feature has been upgraded to simplify your ticket searches. Now, you can quickly find the tickets you need by using your contact’s additional information. πŸ”
converse search based on contact's additional detail.png-6309

5. πŸ“… Filter Contacts by Date of Birth πŸŽ‚

Want to filter your contacts by their date of birth? Now you can do it effortlessly. Whether you enter dates as “dd-mm-yyyy”, “yyyy-mm-dd”, “dd-mm”, or “mm-dd”, our system’s got you covered. πŸ₯³
filter based on dob.png-4976

6. πŸ“… Personalize your Appointment Names ✍️

When naming appointments, you can now include dynamic fields which are the merge fields based on your appointment questions. This adds a personal touch to your booking process. The appointment name will be reflected in the confirmation, scheduled appointment in Strive and Google Calendar. βœ’οΈ
appt dynamic booked name.png-4247

7. ⏰ Set Appointment Slot Counts and Reminders πŸ’‘

Configure the number of slots available for each time slot throughout the appointment event. If you’ve linked your Google account, you can set a reminder to keep everyone on schedule. ⏳
appt time slot n reminder.png-536

8. βœ… Choose Mandatory or Optional Appointment Questions ❎

When creating or editing appointments, you can mark specific questions as required by ticking a box. This ensures you get the information you need for each appointment. πŸ—’οΈ
appt field non-mandatory.png-968

9. πŸ“§ Send Appointment Confirmations via Email, WA API, or WA Personal πŸ“²

We’ve added a new third step specifically for confirmations and reminders. You can choose to send confirmations via Email, WA API, or WA Personal to your contact when they book appointments. πŸ’»
Please note that the email confirmation uses a default template that can’t be edited, but you have the freedom to customize your WA API and WA Personal templates in their respective modules.
appt send reminder upon booking.png-6498

10. πŸ—“οΈ View Appointment Details in Google Calendar πŸ“

For those using Google Calendar, we’ve enhanced event descriptions. Now, when a booking is made, your appointment details, including questions and answers from your contact, will be shown in the event description. πŸ“£
appt qna in calendar.png-6996

That’s a wrap for our September 2023 update! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and surprises in the months ahead.

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