Tactics To Follow Up With Your Prospects (Who Are Ghosting You!)

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Keeping prospects interested and engaged is tough. Initial outreach is just a tiny part of the process. And this is why following up with prospects is so important!

On average, deals require 9 touches from start to finish. But the main reason you should follow up is RETENTION.

People forget 50% of what they hear within 30 minutes.

And within 2 weeks, they forget up to 80% of what they hear!

So, if people only retain 20% of what you’ve said, you must always follow up to stay front of mind.

And this was based on a study from the late 1800’s.

The average brain is under much more strain in 2023.

In this week’s post, I’ll like to share with you 5 tactics to follow up with your prospects so that you can stay at the top of their mind:

1. ✉️ EMAIL PROBLEMS – “I wanted to check you received the email I sent across….?”

2. 🆕 NEW CASE STUDY – “I wanted to show you the work we did for another client…..”

3. ❓ASK A QUESTION – “Can I just check….?”

4. 🤩 EXTRA VALUE – “I forgot to mention, we are also able to add X, Y, and Z.”

5. 📰 INDUSTRY NEWS – “There’s a new article come out today that I thought you’d like…”

Hope this 5 follow up tactics helps! 😎

Jonathan Quek

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