The First 10 Seconds In Selling

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Did you know?

According to behavioral science, the first 7 to 12 seconds on any sales interaction will dictate how the prospect will feel about you.

If you sound pushy or aggressive, prospects will go into a fight or flight mode and try to get ride of you.

If you sound neutral and detached, prospects will be curious enough to want to engage with you.

That is why it is so important that you AVOID triggering sales resistance.

In our day and age, everyone gets sold 24/7.

If you sound just like another person that’s trying to sell them something – their first instinct will be to try and get rid of you.

After my 16 years in selling, I can confidently say 3 lessons that work today:

  1. Your questioning ability is the major key driver when it comes to unveiling problems.
  2. Sales become collaborative when you’re a great problem finder and solver.
  3. Pain sells.

Pay attention to this or you’ll waste valuable selling time.

Have a great week ahead selling and scaling!
Jonathan Quek

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