5 Reasons Why People Are Not Buying

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Hey Strivers,

Are you wondering why people are not buying? 

After analyzing sales professionals and sales teams, I’ve realized there are 5 simple reasons why people are not buying. Here are the reasons so you can be prepared:

Reason #1 – No Social Proof

People are influenced by others, and sharing social proof and testimonials is very important.

Reason #2 – No X-Factor

You’re just like everyone else. And the only reason you can compete is price. Do you have something unique to offer?

Reason #3 – No Clear Offer

If your offer is not clear, people will not see the value in what you do. Create a clear offer structure and how your offer can help them to get the best deal for the problems that they are facing. 

Reason #4 – No Trust

People must trust you before they will buy from you. What is your strategy to engage your prospects and build trust?

Reason #5 – Don’t Feel Understood

People don’t care how much you know. They want to know how much you really care. If you’re just chasing sales, you’re chasing your prospects away. People need to feel understood before they buy. 

After sharing all these, which one of the 5 reasons stands out to you the most? What is something you could work on changing today to move your business forward?

Hope these tips help you to close easier, faster, and bigger deals.

Jonathan Quek

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