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Dear Strivers,

Season’s greetings, wonderful readers! As December unfolds, we’re delighted to present the December Update. But before you unwrap the details, here’s a festive wish for youβ€”Merry Christmas! Dive in and read on to explore the updates.


1. WA API Broadcast/Campaign Fresh Look for Merge Field! 🌟

The WA API Broadcast/Campaign merge fields have been revamped for easier access. You can now quickly locate specific merge fields and even use “{” to perform a swift search for the desired merge field. πŸ”

2. WA Personal/WA API Editing Made Clearer! πŸ“’

We’ve updated the wording for WA Personal/WA API broadcasts to avoid any confusion. πŸ”§

Here’s what each button does:
Save and Exit = Saves your changes without sending the updated broadcast to the audience.
Save and Send to All = Save your changes and send the updated broadcast to the audience selected.

WA Personal Broadcast:

WA API Broadcast:

3. Audience Grouping for Email Broadcasts/Campaigns! πŸ“§

Finding your audience just got simpler! Now, your contacts are grouped based on different categories like contact lists, tags, stars, or individuals. 🎯

4. Filter Products by Category! πŸ—‚οΈ

Great news! You can now easily view and filter your products by their respective categories. Navigate through your products with a breeze! 😎

5. Email Broadcast Limit Alert! ⚠️

Creating an Email Broadcast? Keep an eye out! If you’ve hit your email usage limit, an alert icon will be shown on the right of the Send Broadcast button when you select your audience. This way, you’ll notice when you hit the limit 🚨

6. Introducing Flowbuilder Default Reply! πŸ’¬

Exciting news! Now you can set up a default reply to automatically send to your contacts if their message doesn’t match any Flowbuilder keywords you’ve created. πŸ€–

How to set it up?
1. Choose “Non-Keyword Based” as your Flowbuilder Type
2. Set the prompt interval duration
3. Select the channel
4. Add nodes with the desired action type.
Don’t forget to save and activate your Flowbuilder!

What is Prompt Interval?
Prompt Interval is the duration your Flowbuilder waits before it can be triggered again by the same contact.

7. Faster Email Broadcast Loading! πŸš€

Exciting news! We’ve turbocharged the loading speed of your Email Broadcast. Now, enjoy a lightning-fast experience as your Email Broadcasts load in just a few seconds. ⚑

8. Check Out Our Sleek New Search Bars! πŸ”

Take a peek at our fresh search bar appearance! The functionality remains the same, but with a sleek and updated design. ✨

9. Alert for Incorrect Templates! ⚠️

When importing contacts, you might see a warning above the “Start Import Contacts” button. This means our system noticed a change in the template heading.
No worries though! Just download the latest template and fill it in with your information.

Reminder: The template heading shouldn’t be changed or edited for a successful import process

10. New in Flowbuilder: Video Messaging for WA API Channel! 🎬

We’re thrilled to introduce the ability to send videos to your contacts via Flowbuilder.

Just a heads up, this feature is specifically for the WA API channel.

11. No Reply Policy Available for WA Personal Campaign WhatsApp πŸ’¬

Now, you have the power to set up a No Reply Policy for your WA Personal Campaign messages.
If you’re waiting for a response from your contact and haven’t heard back within the set time, the messages in your chosen WA Personal Campaign will be automatically sent accordingly.

12. Company New look πŸŽ‰

Wondering what’s new? Let’s dive in! πŸ‘€

  • More Info at a Glance: Enjoy a fresh look with added details in the Company module.
  • Interactive Columns: Double-click on the numbers in Contacts, Activities, and Deals to unlock a world of information!
  • Contacts Table View: Clicking on the Contacts column reveals a neat table format showcasing the contacts associated with the company with their company position.
  • Activity Insights: Double-click on the Activities column to access a comprehensive view of all activities related to the contact, including touchpoints, WA Personal messages, and more.
  • Deals Linked: In the Deals column, get a detailed overview of linked deals, complete with the board name and stage name.

13. Scheduled Status Update for WA Personal Broadcasts πŸ“…

When you set up a schedule for your WA Personal Broadcast, you’ll notice a new status – “Scheduled” instead of the usual “Sending.”

This tweak helps prevent any confusion, letting you know that your broadcast is all set to send at the specified time.

14. Say Hello to Facebook Messenger in Converse! πŸŽ‰

Big news! Facebook Messenger channel linking has now arrived! πŸ₯³

Now you can link your Facebook Messenger page right within Converse. Seamlessly receive and respond to messages from your contacts directly in Converse. Conveniently manage both your WA API and Facebook Messenger in one place! πŸ’¬

15. Flowbuilder new action: CTA πŸ”—

Now, you can supercharge your interactions by adding a Call to Action (CTA) in Flowbuilder.
Simply provide the necessary details, and your contacts can effortlessly click on the button to be redirected to the URL you’ve specified. Elevate your engagement game with this new and powerful Flowbuilder feature! 🌟

*Do note that this feature is exclusively available for the WA API channel only.


16. Hover and Discover: Pipeline Label 🏷️

Now, with a simple hover of your mouse, you can reveal the label name on your pipeline without the need to click into the deal.

Effortlessly check the label names, making it quicker and easier to navigate through your deals. πŸš€

17. Easily Track Your Contact’s Enrolment Date and Time in Contact List! πŸ“…

The new “Date Time Enrolled” column allows you to effortlessly track when each contact became part of your list. ✨

*For upcoming contacts, the enrolment date and time will be accurate. But for older records, the enrolment date and time will be set to 21 December 2023 as starting date.

18. Track Your Contact’s Flowbuilder Journey! πŸ“

Now, you can track your contact’s journey through the Flowbuilder! Keep an eye on where your contacts stopped or completed in the flowbuilder via “Enrolment History”.
By clicking on the clock icon in the Action column, you can access detailed execution logs for individual contacts. For a comprehensive overview, click on “Execution Logs” section to see the logs for all contacts who’ve triggered with the Flowbuilder. πŸš€

Enrolment history:

Execution logs:

As we say goodbye to the December 2023 update, we want to express our gratitude for your support. The journey continues, and we can’t wait to share more incredible updates with you in the upcoming year of 2024.

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