Strive October 2022 Updates ๐Ÿš€

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Dear Strivers,

We have been doubling down on our existing feature to make it better for you!
We have lots of enhancements, several new features and several bug fixes that we have done in this month, so sit back, relax and letโ€™s get updated!

New Features

  1. Pipeline deal link is now shareable

You can now copy a link of the deal and share it with team members that are in the same board.
Once they clicked on the link, they will be able to access the deal straight away!

  1. Contact Sharing/Unsharing

You can now share/unshare selected contacts with selected organisation members when contact sharing for the organisation is disabled

Contacts delegation is now enhanced into contacts share / unshare

Make sure to check the selected contacts and press share/unshare contacts icon button to show a popup to share/unshare it with your selected organisation members.

  1. Added Group Reports

As a Sales Leader or the company owner, we have built Group Reports to allow you to report sales through an aggregated salespeople or aggregated companies and even group of companies!
Do note that this is still in Beta mode, so we are open for feedbacks to make it better!

  1. Added Birthday View

As per requested by you, we have added a view to showcase the entire month birthdays of your contacts.


  1. Appointment added conflict checker, calendar to write and appointment integration page

As you can see in the above image, we now allow you to sync with Google Calendar, with that you are now able to check for conflict so it blocks out timeslot that are not available, able to allow you to choose which calendar to update in and lastly an integration page to allow you to sync with Google Calendar.

  1. Questionnaires in appointment enhanced

Added multi checkbox, checkbox and dropdown as an option for the answers.

  1. Remark for ticket delegation added in Converse

When ticket is delegated, there will be remark in the ticket to show the ticket was delegated by who to who.

  1. Grouping for Converse to uniquely accept certain numberโ€™s ticket

WA API is now able to be segmentise to respective Group where different users in different group is able to accept designated tickets.

  1. WA API Auto reply conditions

With the conditions, Users are able to determine a list of keywords to trigger a certain chatbot, allowing various unique flow in one Conversation.

  1. Automation added X hours before scheduled appointment & New appointment triggers

With the enhancement on our Appointment function, we have since added 2 more new Trigger in our Automation that is linked to Appointment.

  1. Automation added Contact shared as trigger

We have added when a contact is shared with sub-users, it is now able to be utilised as a trigger

  1. Added pipeline redirection in Contact

As per requested, we have added Pipeline Deals that are linked to contact for convenience of redirections

  1. Pipeline Deal search supports email, phone number and contact first name

As per requested, we have enhanced our Pipeline Deal search to include various other components

  1. Added shared badge on shared contacts in Contacts and Admin View

To showcase a contact is shared with sub-users, there is a new badge stating SHARED

  1. Company and Contact List Round Robin is enhanced to SHARED structure

Instead of the previous delegation of leads, we have added and enhanced the delegation to be SHARED. This allows future updates on the deal to still be sync with the Contact Owner

  1. Zapier added Additional Fields

This allows user to have even more granular linking of every single data that is being captured

  1. KPI Pipeline stages able to be exported into a Contact List

Contacts within a certain stage in KPI Pipeline is now able to be added into a Contact List for various uses like WA/Email Broadcast

  1. Added toggling for Admin for Sub-Users to share contacts with Admin

  1. Added few days and hours before in Contact Reminder

  1. Added All Contact & Contact Shared List in Admin Contact View 

  1. Added Phone Number & Email in Deal Display

  1. Optimise WA Personal screen load time

We have optimised how long it took to load the messages that is being blasted within WA Personal

  1. Contact CSV Template added Shared with & Created by and Export includes Shared Contact

We have added 2 columns Shared with & Created by in the CSV template and added Shared Contact when it is exported

We have removed Bug Fixes in our monthly summary as we realised it will occupy too much of the blog post. You can still check it in our changelog as we update.

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