Are You Killing Your Sales By Choosing The Wrong Words?

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Research reveals how a single word makes hell lots of difference. 

The words you use for example to describe a car accident: Contacted vs Smashed, can paint the way eyewitnesses view the event. Another study found that simple stock names that are easier to pronouce lead to quicker gains post-IPO. 

The power of words is immense. A well-chosen word can inspire. And it can also cost you a lot of sales!

These are 5 words you must totally AVOID using in sales:


This word will COST you a lot. People hate to ‘spend’, but are happy to ‘invest’. 

For example: “The investment in growing your business is $$$$.”


People tend to have concerns, and are not necessarily objecting to you. Instead, say concern.

For example: “What is your concern at this moment?”


People don’t like purchasing CHEAP products, but they are happy to get a DEAL. You can also use the word COST-EFFECTIVE.

For example: “This is why our programme is cost-effective, to guarantee you to get results.”


People associate CONTRACTS with being tied up legally for long periods. Instead, you can use the word AGREEMENT.

For example: “Should we proceed with the agreement?”


People do not trust people who tell them to trust them. Instead, show and demonstrate.

For example: Put together testimonials from previous clients and case studies that’s relevant to them.

I hope that by making small tweaks in your conversations like this will yield big differences in our conversion. 

Have a great week ahead scaling and selling!

Jonathan Quek

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